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Soliciting Contractors
City of San Buenaventura Mobile Home Rehabilitation Program

The City of San Buenaventura contracts with the Housing Authority City of San Buenaventura to implement the City’s Mobile Home Rehabilitation Program. Program funds are awarded to income eligible households to improve property based on a physical needs inspection conducted by the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspector. Intent of program is to repair, improve and maintain the health, safety, and/or welfare of the owner-occupants.
This City of San Buenaventura is seeking contractors to assist mobile home owners with the rehabilitation of their property. The City of Ventura is open to any trade or general contractors, including minority and women owned businesses that want to participate in this effort to assist low income households, primarily seniors and disabled households. If you are interested in participating and want to be added to the Approved Contractor’s List, please complete and provide the following items:

Contractor Required Items

Upon gathering and completing the information, please forward to Nellie Jasso at: If you have any question contact Nellie Jasso at (805) 648-5008 Ext 2247.































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