ACOP Title Page
ACOP Table of Contents
ACOP Introduction
ACOP Chapter 1 Program Overview and Plan
ACOP Chapter 2 Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
ACOP Chapter 3 Eligibility
ACOP Chapter 4 Applications
ACOP Chapter 5 Occupancy Standards
ACOP Chapter 6 Income and Rent Deterinations
ACOP Chapter 7 Verification
ACOP Chapter 8 Leasing and Inspections
ACOP Chapter 9 Re-Examinations
ACOP Chapter 10 Pets
ACOP Chapter 11 Community Service
ACOP Chapter 12 Transfer Policy
ACOP Chapter 13 Lease Terminations
ACOP Chapter 14 Grievances and Appeals
ACOP Chapter 15 Program Integrity
ACOP Chapter 16 Program Administration
ACOP Chapter 17 Smoke-Free Policy


Buenavida Senior Village

Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy

According to 24 CFR 5.516(d) - Preservation assistance of mixed familites - The PHA must establish its own policy and criteria to follow in making its decision (in determining the circumstances under which a family will be offered one of the two statutory forms of assistance. 


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