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The HACSB begins the annual monitoring on October 1st, you will receive a letter or email sometime in November explaining what is needed to evaluate the performance and compliance of each project under the City of Ventura’s Affordable Housing Program. We understand that your affordable units may have never been monitored or you have been monitored in previous years, however the process should not place a heavy burden on the property managers.

The HACSB reviews the annual report for each project submitted by owner/manager to determine that rents are at the levels required pursuant to its restrictive document. Annual reporting is for the previous year starting from October 1st to September 30th. If you are a new or recurring property manager who is preparing to complete the annual report, please use the appropriate resources and forms that will help you through the process and enable you to complete mandatory report.


Rents vary based on regulatory or affordability agreement (HOME, RDA, AQMP, Tax Credit (TCAC), CDBG, Bond, Density Bonus or Inclusionary). For your convenience the Affordable Housing Program Rents are listed below in a chart based on all sources or requirements mentioned above, except for Tax Credit projects. TCAC rents has its own chart through the Office of the California State Treasurer. If your project has any of the above sources including TCAC, only use the TCAC Rents for your reporting. In addition, the current income limits are listed below:

Utility Allowances vary by project, based on what type of utilities such as gas or electric or electric only, number of bedrooms, single-family, multi-family apartments or multi-family energy efficiency utility allowances. Please verify what utility allowances your project requires and click link below:


The Affordable Unit Summary Report is to be completed for each project to reflect the fiscal year being requested from October 1st to September 30th. The form will be updated annually in October.

The Tenant Income Certification is to be completed for each tenant, which most likely has been completed at time of initial lease-up, recertification or change in income or household status. If your project has TCAC funding you must complete the Tenant Income Certification Form 1. If your project has no TCAC, you will need to complete the Tenant Income Certification 2. The tenant forms should also reflect any changes within the timeframe from October 1st to September 30th for the annual year being reviewed.  

If you have questions about the forms or documentation to be completed, please contact Nellie Jasso at 648-5008 Ext. 2247

Upon completing the annual report, submit to:

Housing Authority of the
City of San Buenaventura
City Programs
995 Riverside Street
Ventura, CA 93001