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For immediate release:

January 5, 2022

California Governor Gavin Newson signed SB 1157 which requires landlords of affordable housing developments the offer its tenants the opportunity to request the rent payment be reported to at least one of the federal credit bureaus. The tenant must make this request in writing.

The Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura (HACSB) is the largest affordable housing landlord in the city of Ventura. Therefore, the HACSB is mandated to offer rent reporting as an option to all its residents. The HACSB has partnered with RentTrack to provide its residents the option to have their rent payments be reported to the credit bureaus or a credit bureau of their choice.

Residents who are registered through Rent Café will have received email correspondence regarding this matter. All other residents will receive correspondence via mail. Please visit this link for more information on RentTrack ( 

SB 1157 has an expiration date of July 2025, unless amended by future state law. The HACSB WILL NOT automatically begin reporting rent payments to any of the credit bureaus. The resident MUST make this request in writing. This applies to all residents that reside in properties owned or managed by the HACSB.

If you have any questions, please contact your property manager.

Thank you.

De publicación inmediata:

5 de Enero del 2022

El gobernador de California, Gavin Newson, firmo la ley SB 1157 donde se requiere que todos los dueños o propietarios de viviendas de bajos recursos, ofrezcan a sus inquilinos la oportunidad de reportar sus pagos de alquiler mensuales a las agencias federales de crédito. El inquilino debe solicitar esto por escrito.

La autoridad de vivienda de la ciudad de San Buenaventura (HACSB) es el propietario de bajos recursos más grande de la ciudad de Ventura. Por lo cual, la HACSB tiene el mandato de ofrecerle a sus inquilinos la oportunidad de solicitar que sus pagos de alquiler sean reportados a las oficinas de crédito federales o a la oficina de crédito federal de su gusto.

Los inquilinos que están registrados en Rent Café habrán recibido correspondencia por correo electrónico sobre este tema. Todos los demás recibirán correspondencia por correo. Por favor visiten el siguiente enlace para más información sobre RentTrack (

La ley SB 1157 tiene una fecha de expiración de julio del 2025, al menos que sea enmendada por una ley estatal futura. La HACSB no iniciara a presentar los pagos de alquiler mensuales a las oficinas de crédito. El inquilino debe solicitar este deseo por escrito. Esto aplica a todos los inquilinos que viven en una vivienda administrada por la HACSB.

Si tiene preguntas, por favor comuníquese con su manejador(a) de propiedad.



The HACSB wishes all its residents and program participants a Happy New Year. HACSB is aware of the surge in COVID-19 cases locally and urges all to stay safe. The health and safety of residents, program participants, and staff are of utmost priority, and the HACSB wants to assure the communities it serves that it continues to work hard to fulfill its obligations as an agency, as safely as possible. All HACSB offices continue to be closed for walk-ins, but the staff remains available by email and telephone. The agency will continue to work on addressing emergency work orders and will continue to take precautionary measures following CDC guidelines. All in-person programming is on hold until further notice. The HACSB will re-evaluate this in one month.  As a reminder, masks are required in all common areas and inside the buildings. Please visit our website at for the most up-to-date information.

Main office: 805-648-5008
Section 8 office: 805-647-5995
Community Services: 805 673-3610
Maintenance: 805-626-5662

COVID-19 ADVISEMENT (1/1/2021)

This office is closed to walk-in traffic. Operations of this office are still fully functional; however, personal contact and meetings have been eliminated out of an abundance of caution pursuant to promulgations by the Governor of the State of California and the Center for Disease Control. You may contact this office by fax, email, or telephone via the following:

Telephone: 805-648-5008
Fax: 805-643-7984


If you need to report an income change, have a matter that needs immediate attention, please email (below) or call your housing specialist or eligibility staff at the telephone number detailed below.


For general Section 8 Program questions, please call (805)-647-5990 and the receptionist will direct your call.

Housing Specialist

Eligibility Staff

Nori De La O

Marco Valencia

Ivonne Lopez

Karla Lomeli

Juanita Wood

Glory Cruz

Wilbert Gonzalez




If you need to report an income change, have a matter that needs immediate attention, please email (below) or call your housing specialist or eligibility staff at the telephone number detailed below:

Telephone: 805-648-5008
Fax: 805-643-7984

For general Property Operations, please call 805-648-5008 and the receptionist will direct your call.

Property Managers 

Norma Paniagua

Nelly Valenzuela

Justin Bailey

Rosalva Medina

Oscar Aldrete

Sergio Arias

Rosa Martinez-Antillon

Susan Ruble

Erica Andrade

Christopher Johnson



We are processing work orders on an as-needed and emergency basis. Routine maintenance requests will still be queued and will be completed as necessary. Please contact (805) 648-5008 for work order requests. Emergencies are considered:

Smoke Alarm Failures
Gas Leaks
Plumbing Malfunctions (Leaks and Clogs)
Electrical Malfunctions (Loss of power or hazards)
Refrigerator Malfunctions (To prevent spoiling)
Broken windows or doors (Security Risks)
Heating Malfunctions 


If you have a disability that limits your ability to communicate or require assistance in understanding this document or others, please call our main line on (805) 648 5008

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Tele-Type Lines:

English 1-800-735-2929        Spanish 1-800-855-3000

Please keep checking our website and social media for updates and additional information.


The Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura announces the opening of TWO  new Senior Development waitlists and several of our current project-based development waitlists.

OPENING Monday, November  22, 2021 @ 8:00AM (Pacific time-PST)
and CLOSING on Thursday, January  20, 2022 @ 5:00PM (Pacific time-PST)

If by the posted close date/time, an insufficient number of applications for all bedroom sizes has been received, the waitlist opening may be extended until a sufficient number is submitted.

Official Public Notice: Waitlist Public Notice 11-18-21
Link to Online Rent Café Application Portal:  HACSB Rent Café


The Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura (HACSB) is pleased to announce that as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, our agency has received allocation to fund up to 43 EMERGENCY HOUSING VOUCHERS.

Please visit our Emergency Housing Vouchers page, to learn more information and access resources